junio maluma Opciones

junio maluma Opciones

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Aunque en un principio Maluma no pensaba dedicarse a la música le ofrecieron grabar un disco, poco a lo que su padre se opuso en un principio luego que lo único que quería es que su hijo se dedicara al fútbol.

It is totally up to the individual whether to use contractions or not. It may even be an artistic choice, e.g. to preserve the meter of the innovador.

Maluma no aguanta más y se declara a su novia, Susana Gómez, en pleno concierto: "Eres el simpatía de mi vida"

Baltin: I'm a big believer in most writing being subconscious. Are you finding that Paris has already infiltrated your writing?

The music video shows Maluma arguing with his girlfriend, breaking up, a confrontation at her wedding with another man and a surprising plot twist.

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In the first photo, the "Felices Los 4" crooner can be seen lying on a bed shirtless with his newborn daughter resting peacefully on his chest, wearing only a diaper and tiny socks. Paris, who was born on March 9, appears with a whole head of dark hair in the photo. 

Maluma y Susana Gómez sin embargo son padres: la tierna imagen desde el hospital y el cotilla nombre de su hija

Una oportunidad más, el intérprete junio maluma colombiano ha hecho indumentaria de su originalidad a la hora de anunciar sus nuevos lanzamientos musicales. En esta ocasión, ha anunciado su nuevo single a través de sus redes sociales con un vídeo que ha dado mucho que platicar.

Maluma: What Leo always told me that family is first. That's, for me, a fact. Because sometimes we get distracted in so many things and we lose our energy going trasnochado, doing so many things. And I feel like energy is the saco for everything we do in our lives.

Maluma: I didn't have to become a dad to start doing that. For me, that was the main thing when I started. I was 21 years old and I told my sister, “We’ve got to do a big foundation, the biggest foundation in Medellín, Colombia. I want to do it all over the world.” And that's what is happening right now. My baby's coming, but shakira acrostico I feel like I want to be the voice of the crowd, but not the voice of the politicians, because I don't like politicians. I don't like to talk about that.

Maluma is a regular guy who's seeing a rich girl. She has a boyfriend that mistreats her but her parents want her to date him because he has money. Maluma insists on spending time with her. ... Read allMaluma is a shakira el jefe regular guy who's seeing a rich girl. She has a boyfriend that mistreats her but her parents want her to date him because he has money.

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The Colombian rapper and singer, 29, revealed that he and his girlfriend Susana Gomez are expecting their first child, with the release of his new music video for his song “Procura,” which he debuted at his concert in Washington D.C. on Thursday night.

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